More Fun With Google Translate

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I love the Latin language. But apparently it doesn’t love me…

Here I took one of my more popular posts (see. and I ran it through Google Translate for fun. The result was not disappointing. Maybe it even helped.

Sail On, Dear Captain- As told by Google Translate:

I’m a writer.
To repeat this line in the morning, again and again, working up to, to turn thoughts into words late at night when my brain wants to go to sleep or early in the morning when you want to jump on the social media or days off with my I want to binge watching a show. A few days later in which he had been writing in the pages of a garment, And the people saw them often and o’er again.

What am I doing?

I do not know what I’m doing half of the time. He was a kid who loves playing, reading the books diameter pirate treasure Island and pretended it was my ship in a cardboard box daydreaming day after day, one would Boat_Pirate_Galleon.cfg my own. I feel like I am still on adult in the lifeboat until the day daydreaming and high winds. Fearing the port.

What is the point?

Oh that I were never to put off the work of war. If you ask me the faith of my fathers, he wanted to rise again, in order that you wish to deal with it.

What if I’m really not good?

And more than anyone fail to see. Ships are tall and strong. The plow through the waves and storms. Do not fear the winds. Tells the stories scars are likely to show pride. And it is in these times to think maybe it’s not the sea, maybe it’s just my boat. Maybe I’m not cut power to those that exist on the face of the deep.

What if I, Master, we are perishing?

Small Part of the wreckage, he could not see out of the other little boats also were damaged beyond repair. Indeed, some of the sea is never sail again. And if I can not help but wonder this is my fate. So the port at anchor fastened lowered and sails.

If you feel the fire?

Not a great thing in the knowledge that My chosen one or the ship. But he might not seem too much the boat is a boat. And an aimless boat in the harbor is used for the purpose of delay, but from its high. And the sea to move to me, that’s what my ship.

This, of course it is not my chart will in them. The cruelty of the sea, to the health of a herd of but I did not. Whatever lies that I thought a storm or sails and sail.

But as captain

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