My Book


So it is complete. Two years of developing characters, a whole new world, and a plot and now it is done.

So I’m officially done my YA epic fantasy book and I’m here to release the title and a briefing one what I’ve been doing with my life for the past seven hundred plus days.

Title: Kingdom of the Arcane.


It’s been two hundred years. Silence has fallen over the kingdom of Altasia ever since the end of the Sovereign War. With the Forsaken defeated and all magic purged from the nation, the humans live on as if nothing happened and soon write off their own history as fable.

General Peitar and his brethren are among the minority of people left to know the truth. Galvanized by the sense that the Forsaken are about to return and take the kingdom by surprise, Peitar embarks on a quest to find proof of the imminent threat that lurks just out of their reach. His mission is uprooted by three siblings with a dark secret and an unexpected past that intertwines with the fate of the kingdom. The trap is set for them and a dam of lies opened, their only escape teeters on the choice of ethics vs survival and a battle for the truth that could set off a bloody war.


I say it’s YA fantasy mostly because of its content, but honestly I don’t see why adults who enjoy adventure, swordplay, and magic wouldn’t like it. The violence is a bit gory in some places and there are some thematic elements I wouldn’t recommend for a PG-13 story, other than that I designed it to be an easy read.

The story is told in the third person and it has a wide range of personalities as I’ve tried hard to avoid the cliches. I don’t necessarily come out right and state their strengths and flaws as all it becomes evident the more you get to know the characters.

The subplot isn’t a typical romance plot. Since I’m planning a series I’m saving the romance for possibly a future book, but this one focuses on themes of sacrifice, courage, and family. If you’re looking for a damsel in distress story this one probably isn’t for you.

Another thing is I haven’t reused any of your traditional mythical creatures (dragons, unicorns, elves, etc). So it isn’t Lord of the Rings with a spin. Everything is original down to the monsters and magic.

The culture is set up to resemble a medieval western world, however its given a modern feel (such as women being allowed to in occupational fields and using actual medicine instead of medieval concoctions).

I’d say I did a good job at explaining the why of the plots and characters. The villains have real motivations and the heroes are not your typical “knights in shining armor” with pure intentions all the time.

Like I said, I designed it to be an easy read. For those looking for an action-packed, intriguing read that will keep them on their toes then this is essentially what I’ve created.

Future Plans

As it is, Kingdom of the Arcane is not what I’d call “trending” (meaning it’s not following the mainstream themes), and since this is my very first manuscript, I’ll probably be going down the route of self publishing.

As mentioned previous this will be part of a series. I’ve already completed the first draft of the second book and am working on the edit now.

Date It Will Be Available

May 14th 2019