I’m Still Alive

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It’s been three weeks and while I understand it’s good to post consistently, I so needed this break.

No, I’ve not given up writing and I’m not going to any time soon. But I’m not going to lie, I’ve had a tough month, both in my personal life and my career. Some people find they are more creative under the pressure. Kudos to those people. I am not. So I decided to take a quick recess in hopes to clear my mind and focus on working a few things out.

But being the person I am… yeah I didn’t actually take any time to really relax (I like to say I’m ambitious, but something tells me there is probably some clinical term). Instead, however, I took the opportunity to come up with some new ideas that I can’t wait to share and I will do so, very soon.

I will be back. And I will blog again.

Until then, stay tune and have a great summer

One Day, A Victorious Day (A Poem of Sorts).

Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com
One day I will stand upon the mountain, on its giant overreach,
Stroking the clouds,
While staring down at the heads of trees.
And I will say to those who come after me;
 "In rain and cold weather, I climbed. 
The view of the victorious sun gives worth to my calloused hands.
Gather your strength. Join me when you can."
And I will be steadfast,
And I will be brave.
I will not forget my past,
On that victorious day
On day I will stand on the white shores across the seas, 
Next to the boat that carried me.
I will smile at the dimming stars while I sleep to the hum of the steady flow,
And I will say to those who follow;
"In storms and great waves, I sailed. 
The beauty of this shoreline has compensated what was lost at sea.
Make for the edge of your harbor. Come and find me."

For now I will keep on,
For now I will be brave.
Until I see that glorious dawn
On that victorious day.